A bit of history

O! Solutions is the first of it’s kind, next generation PR and marketing solutions agency that was launched in July 2017, We offer brands world-class communications solutions at affordable budgets for SMEs while also streamlining the process of client briefing and receiving proposals through our digital platform where clients can conveniently explore our full services and build their own proposals on our digital platform; which drastically saves the client’s time.

At the heart of any agency is  good media and marketing relations and we’re no different. At O! Solutions, our mission is to enable  clients to see through our eyes what we see in them. Using a combination of our tools and expertise, we work hard to develop and maintain great relationships with the community to ensure we deliver and benefit our clients and ultimately secure both coverage and links on the publications that target our customer’s audience. We understand the concept of building a strong relationship with between a brand and it’s customers. We value customer’s needs and deliver it to them in a selection of outstanding and creative campaigns.